Alexandria Group International

 We devise short- and long-term strategies to advance clients' public-policy agendas and help businesses expand and enter new markets. We operate at a special nexus of experience, knowledge, and creativity to offer unique plans and solutions to achieve clients' goals.

We connect our clients with policymakers, opinion-shapers, and others who can propel their agendas in the United States and beyond. We know whom to approach, where to position clients, and make the best introductions.   


Drawing upon an extensive world-wide network of public policy, media, and corporate and other private enterprise contacts, we enable our clients to benefit from a font of knowledge and experience and benefit 

strategic planning


We ensure that our clients maximize their potential by helping to craft the best possible core message. We understand how to reach target audiences in government, media, and other spheres. From position papers to speeches to authored articles, we help clients to put their best feet forward by delivering clear and positive messages in the most effective form.

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Our Services


The Alexandria Group International delivers what other Washington firms deliver -- and more. We engage not just professionally, but personally. Collectively, our three partners have more than eight decades of experience in international affairs, with many of those years spent on the policymaking frontlines in Washington. We also draw upon the talents of an extensive pool of worldwide contacts in relevant professional spheres to help us accomplish specific tasks.

Offering a full range of services, we specialize in assisting clients in representing their interests with policymakers in the U.S. Administration and  Congress and opinion-shapers in the media and think-tank, academic, advocacy, and diaspora communities. We also assist clients in identifying and entering new markets throughout the United States. In addition, we help corporate clients enter foreign governmental and private sector markets.

Recognizing that each client is unique, we tailor a fresh, forward-looking, multifaceted, comprehensive, and dedicated team approach. We create opportunities, build bridges, and solve problems.  We are results-oriented and stand ready to help new clients achieve their goals.

Alexandria Group International