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Ambassador Zorica Maric Djordjevic, former Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Montenegro, served most recently as Montenegro’s Ambassador to the United Nations Human Rights Council and World Trade Organization and as Chief of the Montenegro Mission in Geneva, Switzerland. In her career in Montenegro’s Foreign Ministry, she gained operational experience and led policy initiatives in international economic relations, diplomacy, and issue advocacy to achieve strategic objectives in bilateral and multilateral negotiations. Following the dissolution of Yugoslavia, Maric was Chief of the Montenegro Trade Mission in Washington, D.C., where she led and coordinated her country’s successful efforts to obtain Congressional and Executive Branch economic and political support for Montenegro’s independence and democratic development. In numerous assignments, she has developed, led, and implemented strategies to navigate through complex international post-conflict and humanitarian crises on behalf of the Government of Montenegro, development aid agencies, transitional justice facilitators, and pro-civil-society nongovernmental organizations — including the U.S. Agency for International Development, the United Kingdom’s Department for International Development, the National Democratic Institute, and pro-civil-society nongovernmental institutions. Maric Djordjevic, a sought-after speaker at international fora on democratization and justice issues, holds a Master’s degree from the University of Amsterdam and certificates of study from the Adam Smith Institute (London) and the Inter-American Defense College (Washington, D.C.). 

 ALEXANDRIA GROUP INTERNATIONAL (AGI) unites the talents of three highly experienced and respected public policy experts offering a full range of services to assist clients in achieving their goals.  AGI's partners' backgrounds, extensive network of worldwide contacts, and multi-pronged team approach enable them to cover every potential base and offer a uniquely comprehensive set of skills to meet clients' needs in Washington and beyond.  They work directly with U.S. Administration and Congressional policymakers and opinion-shapers in the media and think-tank, academic, advocacy, and diaspora communities to make their clients' issues a higher priority in the United States' national interests and to turn policy to their advantage. 

Ambassador John Menzies, Ph.D, served as U.S. Ambassador to Bosnia and, after NATO ended Serbia's aggression against Kosova, as chief of the U.S. Mission in Pristina.  Menzies' distinguished U.S. State Department service also included assignments to Bulgaria, East Germany, and Hungary during the Cold War era.  In Washington, he was Acting Director of the Office of East European Assistance, which bolstered the region's emerging democracies with civil society and economic and business developmental aid.  He was president of Graceland University and Dean of the Whitehead School of Diplomacy at Seton Hall University.  At the Dayton Peace Talks, he worked diligently in pursuit of the most just and sustainable solution possible.  While serving in Kosova, he worked closely with the country's leadership to advance the bilateral goal of building strong governmental and other institutions. Since then, he has continued to spearhead efforts to train young Kosova professionals in developing the nation's civil society.  He is a recipient of Kosova’s Presidential Medal, the country’s highest civilian honor.        

Michael Wyganowski, Senior Policy Adviser, served for five years as a Senior Advisor and Executive Director of the Center for European Policy Analysis (CEPA), a Washington-D.C. think tank with a special focus on Central European issues.  From CEPA’s inception, he managed its daily operations, output, outreach, and communications strategy.  He served concurrently as a consultant for the World Bank and contributor to its annual “World Development Report.” He also worked as an international consultant to the National Defense University and the State Department’s Foreign Service Institute. He has lectured frequently at U.S. universities and foreign policy organizations. Wyganowski began his career as a Polish diplomat in 1990.  He served two tours in Warsaw, including assignment as chief of the Polish delegation to the High-Level Task Force at NATO headquarters, and two in Washington, as First Secretary and then as Political Counselor.  As an official responsible for promoting Poland’s successful NATO candidacy, he solicited support in the U.S. Congress and coordinated the activities of the country’s U.S. diplomatic missions, interest groups, and lobbyists.  He holds a Masters degree from Warsaw University and completed additional graduate and professional studies in Belgium. Britain, Germany, and the United States. 

Trained in international law, Marshall Harris began his career as a U.S. foreign service officer with service abroad in London, Bulgaria, and Macedonia and in Washington as Special Assistant in the Office of Secretary of State James Baker.  In 1993, he resigned in protest against U.S. inaction in Bosnia.  Together with John Menzies (see below) and other activists, he co-founded, then served as Executive Director of Balkan Action Council, which united 50 prominent Americans, including former Cabinet secretaries, in seeking U.S. intervention to stop the genocide in Bosnia.  He was later Senior Scholar and Vice President at Freedom House, where he analyzed political rights developments in European countries.  As a Washington-D.C.-based political consultant since 1999, with many of the intervening years' service as a key adviser to former Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole (R-KS), he has represented nearly two dozen foreign entities, as well as numerous U.S. corporations seeking business with foreign governments.  He has a long and productive history of involvement with Kosova, beginning informally with the Dayton Peace Talks and continuing with service as an adviser to the Kosova delegation to the Rambouillet talks and as an adviser to the Rugova presidency until the president's death.  He aided Montenegro in pursuit of U.S. recognition of the nation's independence and advised Bosnia in the Dayton Talks and its genocide case against Serbia before the International Court of Justice.  He is an honorary citizen of Kosova. 

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