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We devise short- and long-term strategies to advance clients' public-policy agendas and help businesses expand and enter new markets. We operate at a special nexus of experience, knowledge, and creativity to offer unique plans and solutions to achieve clients' goals.

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We connect our clients with policymakers, opinion-shapers, and others who can propel their agendas in the United States and beyond. We know whom to approach, where to position clients, and make the best introductions.  

Drawing upon an extensive world-wide network of public policy, media, and corporate and other private enterprise contacts, we enable our clients to benefit from a font of knowledge and experience and benefit 


Our Services

We ensure that our clients maximize their potential by helping to craft the best possible core message. We understand how to reach target audiences in government, media, and other spheres. From position papers to speeches to authored articles, we help clients to put their best feet forward by delivering clear and positive messages in the most effective form.

The Alexandria Group’s speechwriting team has decades of professional experience writing for Members of Congress, former Cabinet Secretaries, Presidential candidates, Ambassadors, pastors and additional church speakers, and other and other prominent Americans – including figures as disparate as, Frank Carlucci, Elizabeth Dole, Jeane Kirkpatrick, Frank McCloskey, and George Soros. We have also written for Prime Ministers, Foreign Ministers, and Ambassadors from the Balkans to Taiwan and beyond. We also enjoy a long association with former Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole (R-KS), for whom we have drafted hundreds of speeches and other statements.

We have prepared formal addresses, informal remarks, Congressional resolutions and remarks, political party resolutions, conference and hearing presentations, op-ed and other articles, eulogies, introductions, closings, lectures, letters, toasts, and talking points. We can add biblical, historical, and other important context to your published and verbal remarks.

In addition to our Partners and Senior Advisor, our team includes the Reverend Dr. Calvin French, who is prepared as needed to draw from the King James and Revised Standard versions of the Bible to enrich your texts. A Graceland College alumnus, Cal led Community of Christ congregations for 55 years, served as a trustee of the college, delivered its 2016 commencement address, and helped found its seminary.  He attended Harvard University’s Divinity School and holds further degrees from Iowa, Temple, and Drake universities.  Cal was appointed by President Bill Clinton to the USO board.  He also served on the board of the National Conference on Ministry to the Armed Forces and the Health Fact Finding Board of the National Institutes of Health.  As Chaplain of the Day on several occasions, Cal has opened sessions of the U.S. House and Senate with prayer.  In the 102-year history of the Rotary Club of Washington, D.C., Cal is the only pastor to have served as president.


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